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InVesta Services and its managers have serviced over $580 million in tax liens and tax deeds in multiple states and counties throughout the United States since 1998.

What We Are

InVesta Services is a structured asset finance company purchasing delinquent county and municipal real estate tax liens across the United States. InVesta Services is a private company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Experience

The company and its managers have been involved in over $1 billion of tax investments over the past 15 years and have purchased in excess of 240,000 separate tax assets affecting a cross-section of single family residential, land and commercial assets totaling close to $36 billion in market value.

Revenues Supplied

These otherwise uncollected revenues supply current fiscal year funding to counties, municipalities and school systems for teachers, police, fire departments, libraries, health care and other necessary services.

At the heart of InVesta’s expertise is a technology platform that operates a suite of applications developed in-house to manage the acquisition and servicing of tax related investments.


InVesta Services delivers millions of dollars of operating revenue to governmental authorities annually by purchasing delinquent property tax receivables.

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InVesta Services maintains an extensive database of tax liens and deeds relating to InVesta Services and its affiliates’ portfolios. Banks, mortgage-servicing companies, closing attorneys and title insurance companies use InVesta’s timely, efficient web – based process to obtain immediate title, cancellation and payoff information.

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InVesta Services acts in a servicing capacity on behalf of the Tax Commissioner and can provide a safety net to delinquent tax payers by offering flexible payment arrangements, which most government entities do not provide.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for helping me through so many tough times with my home. It is so nice to know that there are truly good people in this world that will help, especially when they see you trying so hard.
Tax Payer Dev M.
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your assistance that you’ve placed in ensuring this outcome. It is greatly appreciated.
Tax Payer Kurt L.

Some of Our Clients

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